Audio & Home Theatre Systems

Melody Pro Audio & Lighting keeps paying attention to detailing and high definition sound & vision emission is the key in Audio and Home theatre systems. We understand this and have collaborated with the masters in sound & video technology like Jamo, Marantz, Epson, Ben Q and many more. With a passion for entertainment we focus on providing all music lovers the latest technology in sound engineering and value for the price. Providing creative concepts in the look of the system, the quality and sound we have an option to fit the needs of every pocket and ear, when it comes to audio and home theatre systems in India.

This line from one of our associates sums up our success in the field of audio visual products- ‘To us, perfect specifications and technical accomplishment count for nothing unless a product can unlock the power, the excitement and the emotion of music. Our heritage of technical excellence means we can create components with the ability to communicate the scale, timbre, pitch and dynamics – in fact, the very essence – of a recording. We pride ourselves on applying these principles to all of our products. Each and every one of our home entertainment components is capable of reproducing the purest, most realistic music in your home.