Design Consultancy & Services

Now that we have provided you with the best in the business audio, visual, and security system solutions we offer design consultancy to add value to our services.
Our consultants assist you in choosing from our wide range of products and services to match your every requirement. We insist on energy conservation and the use of economical and quality products.
We provide aesthetic consultancy by helping you create visual drama with our lighting solutions both indoors and outdoors while providing functional efficiency with anti-glare properties and maximum cover for industrial lighting, for example.
In audio, we help strategically place systems and design home theatre displays to produce the maximum impact of visual and audio outputs.
While our security system consultants provide you with the best solutions to protect your assets and loved ones.

Design Lighting

  •  Landscape
  •  Area Illumination
  •  Facade

In Audio

We design the project considering the  Di-doppler effect , which is the main criteria, i.e. proper density & Placement of speakers, A typical case in point is experienced when you pass below one speaker to another, the sound should not become inaudible or Reduce, which is the main cause for Human fatigue, and it’s a human tendency to thwart bad quality audio, and we perceive a very common scenario, were in most installations the audio system usually remains shut.

In Security
We enable you to better protect people and facilities, prevent asset loss and damage and improve business efficiency.