M Series

The Boston Acoustics M-series brings an impressive display of balance, accuracy, musicality, and sheer power which we think is a huge step forward for the company. With the exception of the Msurround speakers, we were thoroughly impressed with the system, which created a gorgeous collage of sound, wrapped in a beautiful and well-engineered package.

Get powerful, room-filling sound from a compact package with the Boston Acoustics SoundWare Home Theater Speakers.

Product Description

Though a full M-series surround system isn’t likely to fit easily into smaller rooms, kudos go to Boston Acoustics for packing a lot of firepower into some pretty slender spaces. The three-way towers, or M-350B, stow an avenue of drivers running the length of their monolith frames, including four 5.25-inch polypropylene woofers, a 1-inch tweeter, and a lone 4.5-inch midrange driver.

Each M-350B is designed to handle up to 500 watts of power and has a rated frequency response of 45Hz-30 KHz. The speakers boast some interesting features, like a dimpled, EWB (Extended Wide Bandwidth) tweeter that Boston claims allows it to better reveal high frequencies. Other notable design points include aluminum bracings around the woofers, bass ports to the rear, and Boston’s “Lo-q” cabinet, which is heavily braced and insulated to enhance bass clarity and force.



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