NCC Home Automation

It is a one stop solution to unify all the lifestyle products you love and create an experience you can’t live without. By integrating everything from lighting, AV, HVAC, security—even smartphone and tablet — Digital Dreams enhances your everyday world to be more convenient, intelligent, safe & efficient.

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The amenities we offer:

  • Lighting Modules controls all your lighting devices such as lights (PL/TL/LED/CFL/Halogen), fans & any motorized mechanism.
  • Infrared Control Module controls all your infrared devices such as TV,AC (incl temp),DVD,Amplifier.
  • Gateway is the hardware level hub for bridging core and modules (lighting & infrared). And the Core, is the central hub responsible for providing the browser based interface for control and monitoring.
  • The 24i  is our multi-io generic input programmable to control mood lighting and AV devices.
  • IR Remote is a nice handy accessory used to control lighting modules across the home.