Renato Cerisola/APR&B
For nearly forty years, Simes outdoor light
fittings have satisfied demanding project
needs from around the world. As specialists in
the production of fittings for exterior lighting,
Simes offers the best technical solutions to
illuminate the outside of the building and
its surroundings from green areas, cyclepedestrian
zones through to low traffic, humid
areas, swimming pools and fountains.

Made in Italy is the symbol of quality – the
complete production in the local area,
the strong commitment to energy saving
and sustainability, the continuous control
of quality and performance as well as
the on-going search and development
of new lighting solutions form the key
principles behind this catalogue.
With LED technology performing better and
better and coming close to traditional light
sources, advances in lighting efficiencies are
achieved through LED chip development giving
chromatic and beam performance matching
the indices of traditional light sources.
The new LED technology has determined the
introduction of new products, with higher
performance and smaller dimensions.
A complete range of new instruments
dedicated to enhancing light and
assisting lighting designers creativity.