Since 1962 Neri is the symbol of excellence in high-end outdoor furniture and lighting systems in Italy and worldwide. Over half of the Italian municipalities, and hundreds of international designers are already familiar with the hallmark of Neri’s brand, whose constant message has always been, and continues to be, stylistic innovation and technological research in keeping with environmental and human sustainability. Founded by Domenico Neri, artist, sculptor, and an attentive observer and interpreter of the aesthetic and functional demands of the cities, starting from their heart, the historic centers, Neri promotes a twofold proposal: continuity of its classical style in the Heritage collection, and evolution of its ideals of design and function in the Contemporary collection.

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Neri offers a wide range of products designed to improve the urban environment around us: Lighting, urban furnishing, and structures come in two lines that characterise all of the Neri production; the first line is the result of cooperation with leading designers and is known as the Contemporary line. The second one, based on our experience and the classical tradition of our town centres, is the Heritage line. Thanks to its know-how and experience, in addition to the collection shown in our catalogues, the Company can offer architects and lighting designers a customised planning service as well, and it can also restore and reproduce the historical items that have always embellished our cities.