Aventage Series V

These receivers break the boundaries between price and audiophile bliss. You can use the pre-amps to send the signal flow to separate external tube/solid-state amps, or you can power the speakers directly from the receiver. No matter how you configure your system, it will either sound utterly amazing, or incredibly-utterly amazing. The clarity and range is breath-taking. The enhancer feature for compressed audio even makes your average MP3 sound like something more around the quality of a CD or sometimes greater. DTS, FLAC and SACD formatted media is life changing if you have experienced this level of sound.

It supports just about every wireless connection and technology for portable devices, such as AirPlay, DLNA, WiFi, and HTC Connect.


With this new receiver, you get a number of upgrades including an enhanced WiFi control via it’s web console or portable devices such as an iPad or Android tablet. WPS is supported for quick and easy integration with your homes wireless router.

It offers 150-165 Watts of absolutely clean power per channel (8ohms) for up to 11.2 total channels, or split up to cover a total of 3 zones. You can also use the outputs to bi-wire speakers that support it.

One of the most highlightable upgrades is the support for HDMI 2.0. If you have been reading our articles, you already know that we have been heavily emphasizing on the adoption of HDMI 2.0 in devices due to its capability of properly streaming a full 4K 50/60 resolution (unlike HDMI 1.4). Although their RX-A3030 receiver “supported 4K”, it only offered support for HDMI 1.4 limiting it to a passthrough of only 30p for 4K vs 50/60. Most of the first generation 4K devices were like this and they do not deliver the quality of picture you want when shopping within the 4K market. The new RX-A3040 resolves this by finally adding this support.