EtherCon Connectors

The etherCON cable connector carriers upgrade a conventional RJ45 connector to an extremely robust lockable solution. Two different versions allow the protection of already assembled or unassembled RJ45 connectors.



etherCON CAT6A Cable Connector
etherCON CAT6 Cable Connector


RJ45 cable connector carrier for preassembled RJ45 plugs consists of black chromium shell, fixing disk, chuck, bushing and boot. Packed with two cable protection elements for cable diameter either up to 5 mm or 8 mm. Cable connector carrier does not include a RJ45 plug.

Features & Benefits
The RJ45 system for harsh and demanding environment
Cable connector carrier accepts the most common RJ45 plugs (see list at downloads)
Rugged diecast shell and unique chuck type strain relief
Protects Ethernet connections in a variety of commercial type applications and is designed to prevent breakage of the fragile components of standard RJ 45 connectors
Allows assembly of preassembled conventional RJ45 cables
Accessories include color coded boots in 9 standard colors


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