LX Series AV Receivers

Everything about it oozes quality, from the large, smooth-turning volume and input dials to the thick drop-down flap that conceals a multitude of buttons and sockets. The casing is super-rigid and well-ventilated to keep those all-important components cool.

The front LED panel is large and packed with information, most prominently the audio format being played.


9.2-Channel AV Receiver with Class D Amplification, SABRE32 Ultra DAC and Dolby Atmos ® Upgradable.

Completing the line-up is a USB port for the supplied wireless LAN adapter and a port for the asynchronous USB-DAC, which lets you directly connect a PC or Mac and play high-resolution music up to 192kHz/32-bit. It’s unique to this receiver and clear evidence of the Pioneer’s audiophile ambitions.


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