The compound result of all of the innovations and technical advancements incorporated into the MC-6 is an amplifier of supreme adaptability, able to be used in traditional two-channel stereo systems as well as it can be used in multi-channel audio/video systems requiring the highest possible performance. In addition, systems utilizing the MC-6 can be expanded in future applications by adding additional amplifiers and changing output configurations for greater power or to power a larger number of active channels. In this way, the MC-6 Multi-Channel Power Amplifier is indeed the most flexible high-performance amplifier available today.


Each channel of the MC-6 is capable of a continuous 250 watts into an 8 ohm load. As an individual amplifier, each channel of the MC-6 would be an excellent performer, capable of reproducing music and soundtracks with superior realism. As a multi-channel amplifier, the MC-6 packs six of these 250-watt amplifiers into a single chassis. However, the MC-6 also allows the user to add these amplifiers together to increase the amount of work they can do, all with no disassembly. As a six-channel amplifier, the MC-6 is capable of 150 watts per channel, all channels driven continuously to their maximum output, 250 high-current watts per channel as a stereo amplifier, and as a mono amplifier it can produce a whopping 330 watts of power with tremendous current capability (120 amps peak).